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Fuji MicRex PLC NWOP20R-31ZSPE

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Fuji MicRex PLC NWOP20R-31ZSPE

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Fuji MicRex PLC NWOP20R-31ZSPE

Fuji MICREX-SX Programmable Logic Controller NWOP20R-31ZSPE Fully Compatible with SPB 

Minicomputers, ultra-small but high standard with a variety of functions PLC.
Small size is not the installation restrictions: SPE installation is best suited for space-saving control cabinet.
High-capacity Memory: 4K equipped with large-capacity step (20/30 points basic unit) 8K steps (40/60 base unit). Data capacity for high-capacity is 9K words. It is a programmable controller with sufficient margin.
High-speed command: The fastest execution time for basic commands 0.44μs, application instruction 2.19μs. It can be adapted to the pursuit of high-speed processing of small machinery. Instruction statement has 211 kinds of rich instruction statements absolutely rich, can build any desired program with floating point instructions, to avoid lengthy program.
High efficiency, security terminal block structure: loose screw that will bounce terminal can reduce wiring step and screws missing. Indoor pin board construction can guarantee absolute safety.
When the program can be written RUN: When the program changes be no downtime.
Corresponds to international specifications: SPE full models are conformed CE, UL / CUL specifications. Further aspects of the individual models are in line with the Marine LR, NK specifications.
Communication Function: with RS-232C, RS-485 and other communication unit and PC simple connection. And with the most suitable sensors, regulators and other dispersed connected AS-I master unit. Also deal with internet access.

Supply Voltage: AC100-240V
I/O Contact Voltage: DC 24V
Number of Input: 12
Number of Output: 8
Type of Output: Relay Output

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