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Brick and Block Machine KBQ4-32

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Brick and Block Machine KBQ4-32

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Model    KBQ4-32
The molding cycle    25-32 seconds/time
Every time the molding blocks    Standard brick and block;Block 4 
block;Brick road 
12 (with secondary cloth)
The installed capacity    13.5KW
The weight    3.5T
Dimension    4000 × 3500 × 2300mm

2. Feature
1. It adopts double levels of cloth, combines the vibration and 
pressing, and is 
with the double control on height and density. Thus, the products are 
firm, even 
and beautiful. In addition, the products would be also with the 
advantages of 
small occupying area, easy installation, convenient operation, rapid 
speed, low malfunction rate, convenient maintenance, etc. Especially, 
it's with 
most obvious merits of low investment and rapid effect. 
2. For KBQ4-32 brick forming machine, by replacing the related mould, 
it could 
also be used to produce the burning-avoid brick, the multi-hole brick, 
the hollow 
brick, the colorful pavement brick, the lawn brick, the flower-wall brick, 
the slope 
protection, the road-edge brick and other different kinds of concrete 
The products would be widely used in the pavement, garden, hydraulic 
engineering projects, plaza, residential districts and so on.. 
3. It's available to add quantities of fly ash ,slag, cinder and other 
waste into the raw material.IN addition, it's also possible to supply the 
automatic or automatic product line according to the user's 

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